April 1, 2023


Issues in Teaching Coding Skills

  • Increasing demand for online learning
    • Covid-19 Pandemic “Zoom University”
    • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
    • Online degrees
  • Challenges teaching coding online
    • Trade-offs between live coding, illustrations, gestures/emotions, etc.

Multimedia Learning Principles

  • Evidence-based Principles of Multimedia and e-Learning

Cognitive Load and Learning

  • Amount of demand on brain’s working memory
  • Distributing presentation across multiple modes of communication decreases cognitive load (Mousavi et al.-1995)
  • Multimedia and e-Learning Principles (Clark & Mayer):
    • Multimedia Principle: {text + graphics} > {text}
    • Signaling Principle: signal most important information to pay attention to
    • Contiguity Principle: related information should be presented in close spatial and temporal proximity
    • Modality Principle: {audio + graphics} > {text + graphics}
  • Students tend to reflect positive emotions witnessed from instructor (Lawson and Mayer-2022)

Common “Zoom University” Presentation

  • Screen share
  • Camera share
    • Picture-in-picture
    Picture-in-picture webcam in the corner of screen share

Lightboard Presentation

  • Transparent markerboard with video camera
    • Flipped image for natural writing/drawing 'Lightboard' transparent markerboard with camera-facing presenter

Innovating the “CodeVid Studio”

CodeVid Studio In-Person

CodeVid Studio lightboard behind a camera

CodeVid Studio Design

CodeVid Studio layout

Usability Study

  • As part of Codewit.us usability study
  • Computer Science student participants (n=10)
    • CS1 passed, enrolled in CS2
  • Protocol
    • Interview on experience/attitudes on CS1 homework/reading material
    • Intervention: tutorial on recursion
      • Randomly assigned intervention: picture-in-picture (n=5) or CodeVid Studio (n=5)
      • Independent programming challenge on recursion
    • Debrief: attitudes and feedback on experience


  • “The video feature was helpful.” (1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree)
    • CodeVid Studio: M=5, s.d.=0
    • Picture-in-Picture: M=4.8, s.d.=0.2
  • “What did you like least about the website”
    • CodeVid Studio: (nothing video-related)
    • Picture-in-Picture: the video would be better with visuals/graphics to illustrate the topic


  • Novel presentation of text + graphics + presenter for teaching coding skills
    • Theoretical advantages based on evidence-based principles
  • Pilot videos integrated into Codewit.us beta release
  • Positive formative feedback from usability study

Future Work

Full Paper

The full paper is available online via ACM Digital Library

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